Air Bag One

If you’ve arrived here for the synth-pop kicks, well then you’ll be sated in your quest for seeking out fashionably turned electronic pop which is oozing of endemic channelled vivacious melody and overall upbeat presence.

For Cameroon born, France based music duo AIR BAG ONE are sure beginning to make a name for themselves in all things stylized in this manner, especially since taking their fully illuminated sound out into the greater emerging music scene spotlight at this year’s SXSW festival.

As AIR BAG ONE, Loris and Wendy are becoming known as positioning sound beds of anthemic fuelled indie steeped electronica, ignited by seriously catchy shimmering rhythms and decked with the glittering apparel of crowd rousing pop sensibilities, as they lead up to the release of their upcoming debut album titled “Rich Kids”.

The best of the AIR BAG ONE output to date, in my thinking, lies here in their latest track debut of “Killing Stars”. It serves up voluminous synth weight whilst charting a retro electronic timbre aligning itself into both electronic pop and indie pop arenas, inclusive of driving the gleaming lyrics that speak out of, in AIR BAG ONE’s words; “People love watching you fail. This is what ‘Killing Stars’ is about; these people who want you to stop believing in your dreams. We experienced this point when we were teenagers and being asked: “so, what are your plans after school?” We just wanted to PLAY music. We’re not afraid to do something different.” into the fabric of the tracks protracted pop emblazoned outlook.