When the news rolled out that our favourite boys in heels, meaning Ukrainian dance pop act Kazaky have parted ways (hopefully temporarily) to each explore other creative directions. They told us in a statement that we’d no reason to be sad. They each had pockets full of ideas and very soon they would each share something of their new beginnings.

Whilst Oleg was swift to respond by introducing himself entering into the realm of production, Kazaky member Artur Gaspar is the first of the band to debut new solo material.

More than happy to note that Artur’s still keeping it electronic pop, with the accent firmly on the pop as it happens!, as the pure fizzing goodness of “Killing Me Fast” reveals.

In his solo effort, Artur has lost none of that Kazaky dance edge either as this effervescently served dancefloor delight is a prime example of if ever we heard one. We’re even more struck down in curiosity now of what a lone Kazaky member might bring to a video, because you know, Kazaky always slayed so hard of the artful creative content. Will Artur be able to dutifully respond with cutting edge and exciting visuals the like we’ve become accustomed too? One things for sure if there’s not a ripped torso in sight making even the briefest appearance in it, we’ll be a tad disappointed!

There are some things that should not be messed with! Fleshed out pop videos of the Kazaky kind, no matter how branched out from the mothership is one of those things!

Whilst we might have a wait for all that to come into fruition, as consider this might be a test-run. For now we’re happy to settle the score with this inkling of what’s to come from Artur.