Today, I want to reintroduce the EQ readers to the emerging Glaswegian pop innovator Leif Coffield. Leif, who recently came to my attention by way of mesmerising cut “Say My Name” makes another stride in affirming he is no one-trick pony. He follows up, with another satisfying, off-kilter effort “Just Wanna Be Strange.” Where I am pleased to report, the emboldened electronic experimentation continues coming on in leaps and bounds.

I am ever more acutely aware this time around that, Leif’s music doesn’t lend well to be being played in the background. I have found that when I pop any one of his tracks on I am filled with a desire to turn up the volume and completely immerse myself into the wonderfully weird and obscure sub-pop stylings he creates. And that just covers my thoughts about the music. What lies alongside the dark layers of percussion and rhythmic dance elements of the track, the lyricism and vocals are no less provocative or discerning.

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The theme of these lyrics translates- obsession, infallibility and idolisation.

“In an age where we are so driven by the idolisation of celebrity status, “Just Wanna Be Strange” aims to portray the perspective of the obsessor.” Leif states.

For someone like me who has always liked the idea of being strange by embracing my quirkiness and idiosyncrasies. I couldn’t be more intrigued by this song. It sounds, really, fresh and distinctive. Its charm is, it is less neat and packaged. Everything about it is razor-sharp and jagged or as Leif describes his sound “cold, dark and broken.” Nonetheless, the mesmerising groove is addicting and intoxicating. Leif Coffield pushes at the frontiers of electronic pop with aplomb. Crafting propulsive rhythms and all sorts of wonderful electronic glitches. Undeniably electrifying artistry driven that’s by a future-forward directive while artfully dodging any approaching pigeon-holes.

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