Photo: Charlotte Rutherford

Singer / songwriting, producer Shura goes out to prove once more that she is an all-round formidable pool of emerging talent when it falls to working hypnotically delivered sonic melodies, hinted of an R & B presence and melancholy sweet vocal tonalities. All demonstrated to us via previous track “Touch” and continuing in on the follow-up number “Just Once”.

Shura brings us a cloudy fluffy melody shaped out of dreamy soundscape, which floats with a golden basked air of serenity about it, as she presents “Just Once” through a poignant narrative vocalizing of escape and heartache.

Just Once” is a lament which in some way plays out comparably resonating in a dreamier presented sound picture held in comparison to Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”. Which if you listen in purposely you will hear it, carried through the sonic undercurrent of the melody.

Yes it is all kinds of forlorn and introspective but by the same token it is clear that Shura is already proficiently masterful of creating such achingly elegant and relatable tracks out of heartrending sentiment, that we quite see her as making headway potentially making tastemakers tips come the end of year.