I never was a Jonas Brothers fan (I admit, I do own one of their CDs) but the solo material that Joe Jonas is producing really makes me sit up and go hmmmmm, not bad bro.  For us more "adult" pop music listeners, the transition that Joe Jonas is making from teen star to a more contemporary adult pop star is actually going quite well.  I might even brand him the new Justin Timberlake.  Not that I'm complaining seeing Justin Timberlake parade around naked in movies like "Friends With Benefits" but I guess the point I am trying to make is that in a world of female dominated pop, it's nice to proclaim "let's hear it for the boy" every so often.  

Take a listen to Joe Jonas' new single "Just In Love".  It's uber sexy and full of grace.  You can bet that I'll be buying this fine piece of pop and his new album "Fastlife" which drops this fall and like the millions of other fans clamouring after Joe, I hope this kid gets so credible success as a male pop star.