Josh Milan

By Mandy Rogers

There are certain names, that if they fall into my inbox they kind of receive the side-eye treatment, Adele is certainly one of them, Jessie J, to a point is another and Katy Perry, makes up one not so hot bothered about trios.

However, there is always going to be that rogue email that peeks some curiosity no matter what.

Introducing himself to us via a cover of Katy Perry’s Part Of Me” is newbie Josh Milan, the 18 year old from San AntonioTexas, stole me away from my weekend of revisiting being an 80’s fangirl, firstly with his oh so cherub cutie looks, (yes, at times I can be THAT fickle!) but, could he have that something other than the fit of look to really sell me Katy Perry?

Well it would appear so, I was sold from the off – go!

Josh’s cover is a shiny pop parcel of ear pleasure helped along by the buzzing heavy electro techno delicious production of Producer / DJ ZHU  a bundle together, that made me exclaim, “did he really not fall out of the cast of Glee or something? He really looks and sounds the deal for that!”

Take a listen and look for yourselves.

My after thought was, well if he’s so good at this already, I really want to hear something original! Here is something original from Josh Milan it’s called “Pretty Girl” and it is also, altogether rather wow, oozing with star potential in it’s own right and well just great pop. 

Whatever that elusive “it” ingredient is for making you pop appealing, Josh definitely seems to have been blessed under the stars by “it”.