Pop vixen Moxiie returns from the gritter side of pop which saw her debut the poundingly alt-pop dominant, left-of-field tethered single “Anyway” and had us comparing her to last years newly re-invented sass pop queen VV Brown, with a follow-up release guided in a glowing synth-pop direction.

As with Moxiie’s previous track, I am again quite taken with her all encompassed musically gifted flair which moulds its way into the fabric of the electro illuminated disposition and which resonates upon this sophomore single “Jilted”.

Quite the fact that Moxiie is infact sending out a crushing heartbreak pop narrative directed at the one who has spurned her, with stinging lyrics such as:- “When my life is over, when my life is through, I’ll haunt you forever, for what I didn’t get too do….” only goes some way to heighten the thrill factor which cuts to the chill of realisation that this matter remains deeply rooted and will be taken beyond the grave.

As on the face of it, the synth infused melody acts as a mask to the dark pop themes covered on “Jilted”.

What is openly on display to see though is that Moxiie brings an authentic spin to the pop platter, one that is curated of her given natural artistic talent and outwardly creative direction.

Jilted” has definitely raised the game for Moxiie, in terms of future pop slaying potential.