After a rather good single in way of "Push It" I already liked Jessie And The Toy Boys.  However after hearing her "Show Me Your Tan Lines" EP – I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jessie And The Toy Boys now!

Why such an enthusiastic response from me today?  

Well you all know how much I've been campaigning for the genre of FREESTYLE music to make a comeback right…Well "Valentine" and "Summer Boys" are pretty much massive FREESTYLE jams with the latter even having a hint of Pet Shop Boys in the bassline.

Theses TUNES are genius.  Jessie M. darling, you are genius.  I really wasn't planning on going to see Britney at The O2 but after hearing your EP dear Jessie M., I really want to be there to support you and your music.  Your music has totally made my weekend. 

Listen to "Show Me Your Tan Lines" on Soundcloud right now and I think you'll understand why I'm so excited and high in a freestyle fantasia.