It was with a pop heart heavy of anticipation for indie group Autoheart’s debut long player that we openly embraced the release of “Punch” last year.

The debut album was an unequivocal presentation of acoustic, piano pop and soaring melodies wrapped up in sentiment, heartfelt vocal delivery and honeyed harmonies, sliding in jangly, chugging guitars, percussion and orchestral elements into it’s overall sound-picture of jaunty pop making. For as much as we waited out for it’s arrival, the notion of a follow-up so soon comes as a surprise and a welcome one at that!

On the back of the critical acclaim of “Punch” the indie-pop collective breathe life out of rare material and oddities from their back catalogue to present their sophomore album “DEMOS”.

Sketched out into a tracklist of songs flagging some which that didn’t quite make their way onto the final cut of “Punch” and together with the addition of a number of demo versions of tracks to be found on “Punch” including their haunting breakthrough song “The Sailor Song”.

The tracklist reads thus:

1. Jealousy
2. Santa Fe (demo)
3. The Sailor Song (demo)
4. Life Is Confusing
5. Gold
6. January (demo)
7. The Confession
8. Shoot An Arrow
9. Edit
10. A Little Longer

In the time honoured teaser fashion, the stripped versions of “Jealousy” and “Santa Fe” are now revealed, bringing to light the beautiful intricacies of Autoheart’s bittersweet melody making.

A full album of such standing is already sounding astoundingly good news if you ask us, albeit that at the present time it is just on paper alone.

Although, placing a pre-order through the bands chosen digital distributor Bandcamp will instantly deliver “Jealousy” free gratis.