Madonna, move over bitch! When it comes to making it naughty in the vocal booth there is new royalty ready to take over the throne. It’s been a few years in the making but SIRPAUL never fails to impress. When it comes to turning up the heat, he’ll give us all he has; even more skin than the censors will allow. With the first single off the highly anticipated Intimate Science album, SIRPAUL takes you to that naughty place. It’s time to get ‘Intimate.’

‘Intimate’ (due on iTunes 10 May) is a not safe for work single. It turns up all the dirty feelings that you ever had. This may be the slowest tempo track to come out of SIRPAUL’s realm in recent years. Though, that’s okay because there is something that he has perfected better than any artist on the market today – the art of aural seduction. When you turn on one of THOSE tracks, anything and everything is about to happen. Classic SIRPAUL vocals open up ‘Intimate’ as they begin to caress your ears as he seizes all control over what will happen next. The deeper the song goes the more descriptive the lyrics get “Let’s get into it, honey I’ll make you scream, this is intimate, baby I’ll make you cream…” Overall, ‘Intimate’ is a very Madonna inspired track that takes a slow electro feel to immerse you deep into erotica.

Even if you don’t smoke, you’ll need a cigarette by the time it’s finished.