By Mandy Rogers

I must admit I haven’t been alerted to music from Finland
too often, so it’s interesting to hear what’s going on out there. Well in the
name of all things DCX (Damn Cool Ex) it’s club monsters or europop bounce that
have been driving them to the heights of dance chart stardom back on their home
turf over the past few years.

Comprised of production master Joel Kalsi and fronted by
former Finnish Idol and Finnish Voice contestant Betinna, DCX have harnessed
the roar of raving club power on latest stratospheric euro tasty popsicle
Intensify” whilst the europhoria is spliced through with a darkly tinged
instrumental bridge.  However, surprise
in store for 80’s TV freaks, because when you hit play on this one I defy that
anyone doesn’t have a image flash of The Hoff appear in a light bulb above
their heads cos, ZING, BOOM, I sure had an instant flick on to the
futuristically technology savvy  Knight
, Kitt and The Hoff go off in mine ……… VROOOOM!

Aside from my 80’s geekiness, a full throttle, weighty euro
club pop tune …… VROOOOM!