We think the break-out singer-songwriter, Syd, is a hot new talent who needs to be on your radar. Since picking up on the lyrically poetic dark-pop track “Medicine” last year, I have hotly anticipated a follow-up release from her. Today, the indie-pop siren has returned in spectacular style with a self-penned offering, “Insane,” produced by the legendary Award-winning producer Keith Thomas (Selena, Vanessa Williams, Amy Grant, Whitney Houston, to name a few.) It is an intoxicating song, highly emotional, with raw and direct lyrics and provides another look at the diverse artistic styles she so masterfully covers.

In “Insane,” Syd sings about the pain of a breakup. Diving further in, she explains how she deals with the emotional turmoil associated with this event and when put in this situation.

Syd shares,

“I took my personal journey and put that energy into “INSANE,” and I hope the listener can feel the emotions that I went through during this journey. She adds, “I wanted the song to capture what it is like to force yourself to move on when you
are not necessarily ready”.

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Released today. In a new acoustic rendition of “Insane.” Syd, sharing vocals and lyrics that speak straight from the soul did not escape my attention. Inarguably this emotively driven performance spotlights her striking use of heartfelt feelings and introspection. Additionally, captures the vulnerability she shares to a greater extent.

The way Syd sings with unending confidence is indicative of her vocal command, and you can feel that right away. The intimate performance perfectly encapsulates how to make a success from a struggle.

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