Frida Sundemo

By Mandy Rogers

Come with us on what’s now becoming our weekly excursion to
you all know where! Yes we’re back to Sweden – firstly; because the
extraordinarily astounding pop artist Frida Sundemo hails from there and
secondly; since she has a beyond brilliant dance pop tune in tow, that she’d
quite like the UK audiences to get to know.

The past couple of years have seen the youngster win around
the favour of the Japanese in the first instance before anchoring her Swedish
homeland, but to be honest from all that I’ve now heard from this consummately
confident youthful performer, this was never ever in any doubt.

Through her current track release “Indigo”, Frida’s
sprightly astute character leaps from her gloriously articulate delivery that’s
held with a dainty presence that is so glacially pure it will immediately charm
you over and reaching out in the longing hope for Sundemo releases to appear as
available from the UK Itunes store.