On Saturday night, Loebeat delivered an awesome set to the ram-packed crowd at EQ Live at Bar Music Hall and I was really blown away by their performance.  I'm extremely impressed with the Manchester trio and am over-the-moon that things are really starting to take off for them. 

Lula, Dicey and Ramdaq were recently interviewed on BBC Introducing by Sam Walker and it's an enjoyable listen.  What I really love about Loebeat is how much work they put into the visual dynamics of their show and their music.  They have one of the most unique intro promo packs that an artist has ever submitted for review and when the band showed up with their smoke machines, light up microphone stands and lazers at the EQ Live gig, I got a little bit excited – as you would expect!

Anyways – listen to the BBC interview here (jump to the 25 minute point) – it gives you an interesting insight into how Loebeat came together as a band and where they are going.  If you haven't yet discovered them yet – I highly recommend you check out their MySpace