If there is one up-and-coming new artist that we have found favour upon enough to luxuriate in the chilled out zone of dreamwave electronica it goes to the melodically sonic offerings of Shura.

Two gorgeous tracks in the way of “Touch” and “Just Once” under her belt already were all it took for emerging multi-faceted artist Shura to raise the interest of and recently become inked to Polydor.

As an artist we have become informed that Shura deals and effects by and large in the retrospect using lyrics as a questioning form of release, in therapy to emotionally lovelorn circumstances in the main. And if you’re looking to put Shura’s work anywhere it would fall someway into the kind of mould shaped in equal parts of the narratives explored and dealt by Jessie Ware served interlaced with the mercurial seductive synth delivery favoured of BANKS.

Hear now, the latest in a line of heartrending pop track reveal’s from Shura, “Indecision” which goes half a zone up in tempo and a full gear change up in the retro stakes. Befit with the synth shimmer and resonance of Madonna’s “Lucky Star”, “Indecision” might not have us carving up the dance floor with our voguing, being that it’s more the case of Shura’s soothingly dreamy vocals act to pull us in close bringing us squared one-on-one with an alluring demure and humbled slow-dance number.

Indecision” does act to reaffirm upon Shura’s exemplary skills, which are even more readily plain to see owing to the exposure that this kind of emotively travelled slow-jam formula lends.