Lexi St. George Prof

If you’ve been keeping a keen eye on all that I’ve been writing about recently you’ll be knowing that I’ve literally been especially dying to hear from some new hot artists, particularly so of the female persuasion.

Above all the trends in music stretching across from last year to where we find ourselves at now currently under a happening of retro funk takeover, I’ve really craved for a super-sized helping of proper pop abundance to come forward and colourise my life, like they used to

It might just be that my pop world is about to become a happy zone once again, and it’s all down to the bubblegum super cuteness of a 18 year old aspiring pop talent called Lexi St. George.

Far from being the kind of artist who is setting out finding their place of worth, newcomer Lexi seems to have been quick of the mark in establishing that a lung full of pure unabashed pop at large is the perfect signature style for such vivaciously perky talent as herself.

As it just has come to light also, defying her tender years, Lexi already has quite a music history behind her actually in that she was selected to take part in a Good Morning America challenge, Titled: “One Week to Hit It Big: Pop Star” in which Lexi took on the challenge of becoming a viral pop star during the course of only a week. Coming off the success of this experiment in reality pop star making, this obviously fuelled the fire within and see’s Lexi here before us now in the place she most wants to be.

The track Lexi has now released “In The Moment” offers up a brightly infectious melody and equally glorious vocals that befits the youthful chirpy character of someone who is deliriously happy to be doing exactly what their doing and wants.

Sometimes this is all it has to be, to be good!