If you ask a millennial what was the most horrific wars in world history you may get a variety of answers. One ugly war stands out for me in particular. Teen girls across the globe in the late 90s were some of the most vicious creatures in defence of one thing and one thing only. Their favourite boy band. Backstreet Boys, *NSync, 98 Degrees, or O-Town, it didn’t matter if you were on the wrong side of the line you were at nothing but a pop culture war. Almost 20 years have passed since the beginning of the most dangerous pop war in world history. Today, members of each of the aforementioned boy bands (Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, Jeff Timmons, and Erik-Michael Estrada) have joined forces by creating a theme song to the Nick Carter film Dead 7 entitled “In the End.”

A smooth ballad with a spaghetti western melody carries the theme song of the post-zombie apocalypse film debuting 1 April. The track lamenting the way things once were takes you on an emotional journey through what it’s like to survive the end of the world… or even the end of the boy band domination era. You hear lyrics from harmonious men such as: “Road the wind, felt the rush, nothing ever was enough, all the gold turned to dust,” that make you question if this could be a double meaning in the song.

The gentle ballad is a great injection of nostalgia for the veterans of the boy band wars. It’s almost like something out of our teenage dreams.

We may not have married the men in the pin-ups that graced our walls so many years ago and the airwaves are a little different. With one little dose of ‘In the End’ in your eardrums, the war ends now.

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