By Mandy Rogers

You can’t hold down on good pop! 

Out of Australia producer Simmy pops up to bring us all
manner of hip-popping, electro stomping goodness.

You might have already had an encounter of the Simmy kind
and not realised it, he was part of the team behind Internet sensation
Giulietta’s Internet only album “911: Code Pink” that featured their cut
together “VooDoo” that stirred up web interest earlier this year.

After a number of years in the business Simmy is now re-launching
Simmymusic as a producer-centric organisation and if his debut single is
anything to go by along with his previously mentioned production with
Giulietta, Simmy is certainly a hot talent spotter and launcher too.

Debut release “In Love” features the collaboration of
producer Scott Summers and Hip Hop star Moise Bently.

The energised dance pop appealing style of Scott Summers
soundtrack is the perfect vibe to bring Hip Hop to the masses and Moise Bently
has the tag nailed on an widely approved urban flavour that is right-on the
shelf-life of the current pop markets.

A jubilation of euphoric dance pop and urban grooves.