If there is one thing that the phenomenal French electronic whizzkid Madeon doesn’t do, it is fall short with the goods!

Having cut his way forward in production with crowd pulling performances and three suitably impressive singles “Icarus”, “Finale” and “The City” already in his electronic armoury, the EDM prodigy warms up to the 2015 release of his debut album by injecting a buzz of anticipation upon it with the reveal of the mighty, thunderously badass awesome sauce that is “Imperium”.

The gamer’s amongst us might have already had the track blasting its larger-than-life momentum out of your console speakers being that it is play-listed on the latest FIFA 15 edition.

Madeon maybe a wizard of the keys but there’s no hocus-pocus or Shazaming needed for bagging this EDM treat, since continuing the gaming theme through Madeon has seen to have a little push button fun with it himself by giving “Imperium” away for FREE DOWNLOAD when completing a short sequencing game on his website.

FREE DOWNLOAD “Imperium” by Madeon (via Madeon Website)