Patti Yang

Polish music artist Patti Yang has courted a certain amount of intrigue over the past few years, as the tendrils of her grittily fizzing electronic pop music branched out to the awareness of the international arena, spawned on by EP releases “Wires And Sparks” and “Hold Your Horses”.

These imprints brought Yang onside to be considered uppermost as an artist for her out-of-the-box thinking and spirited electic approach, in a theatrical sense of the music palatte she was known for producing during her post new-wave emergence.

In the aftermath of the EP releases, Yang took herself out of the spotlight to concentrate upon drawing up working ideas towards a full album release.

A further three years down the line to this, it is now apparent that Patti has worked her socks off in expanding and evolving upon what she already had in place. To this end, maturing into a whole new level of experimentalism that seems to embrace more than a little influence in it’s stylizing to what we’d be more accustomed to be hearing coming from the electronica queen herself Róisín Murphy.

The resulting album that has arrived out of Patti’s creative break is titled “War On Love” and comes preceeded by the boundary pushing taster track “I’m Ready”.

Regailed in distincive decadent disco finery, “I’m Ready” tapers a provocative cocktail of religious anaology’s pertaining to a declaration of love which is inxtoxicatingly cooed to perfection by chanteuse Yang in a seductively alluring Róisín-like manner.

Quite possibly you’ll find this to be more like the disco queen era of Róisín Murphy we all came to love than the even less atypical Róisín Murphy that has come to light in her most recent period of productivity!

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