Swedish electronic pop alchemist, avant-garde emerging artist and Robyn’s Konitchiwa Records signee Zhala, provided an intriguing and forward thinking debut effort with the release of the “Prophet” EP earlier this year.

It was a release which was conceptually discerning and transcendentally illuminated by it’s striking visceral innovation and experimentally flowing movement.

Mostly brilliant and a minuscule part bonkers, to us here at EQ it was what just what the Doctor ordered, in order to shake up the comfortable patch of which the electronic landscape appears to be experiencing right now.

As the summer comes to a close and the slews of sunshine anthems are put to bed, Zhala returns to slap our ears into listening too some new alternative electronic steered direction via new release “I’m In Love”.

The release is big on percussion elements and plays with a smorgasbord of quirky audio special fx and embellishments which when all sewn together thread up a sound in comparison a little to that of Lykke Li.

Not only is “I’m In Love” intoxicating by it’s rhythmic experimental design, it is also catapulted by a mesmerising beat strong enough and sweeping enough to have anyone sitting on the fence with regard to it’s unorthodox nature swept up under it’s witchedy-pop spell.