It’s that time of year again…Swedish pop wonder boy Darin is releasing his fourth album “Lovekilller” which will be coming out very soon and naturally, my obsession with Darin will be bubbling over until I get my music hungry mitts on it.  The new single of the same name “Lovekiller” is already out on iTunes and you can hear it below along with a brand new track off the album called “I’ll Be Alight” – which I’m told is one of Darin’s personal favourites on the new album.  Universal Sweden will be unveiling new songs from the album from now until it’s released, so rest assured that we’ll get them up on EQ for you along with some great pix of Darin to help fuel your new found pop obsession as well.

We’ve covered Darin’s previous album’s and singles extensively in the past, so if you like what you hear, make sure to do an EQ search for “Darin” in the search bar below.  Darin is one of those artists that could easily have a very good “greatest hits” record already, yet very few people know of him outside of Sweden and Germany…and of course us new pop loving geeks like yours truly.