Back with us is the emerging artist with a flair for dark pop and disco boogie all tightly bound together in the outer reaching ethereal realness of her heart-leaping vocal, we refer of course, to the luminescent pop chanteuse Salt Ashes, who earlier this year brought us a radiantly sumptuous debut release in the sweet sonic format of “Somebody”.

Since delighting us with the hybrid manicured pop effort “Somebody”, Salt Ashes has actively continued working towards her debut album, which we are hopeful that we might see something of next year.

For now, it’s all about the sophomore single drop of “If You Let Me Go”, which has lived a life already in that it was written and produced whilst sleeping on floors between Ibiza, New York and Berlin.

That reveal kind of paints a picture of a hitch-hiking party crasher with a taste for a high flying cosmopolitan lifestyle doesn’t it?! as such, and slightly at the suggestion of translates into the song which manifests as an undulating anthem swept up in the path of early Madonna “La Isla Bonita” era felt nostalgia. Add an aside of Salt Ashes spellbindingly esoteric Kate Bush like steeped vocals and we have before us EQ’s what is known as a bit of an alt-pop leaning disco-pop infused banger.

Listen in carefully, as it has so many sides to it that it is infact, edgier than a pair of serrated scissors cutting into a square of neon-dipped day-glo brite cloth.