After giving us a massive earworm a short while ago when teaming with Sam Smith on the single “Unholy.” (A song that is most definitely still occupying our heads). In terms of making the next one, Kim Petras did not hold back. The international pop sensation has released the Max Martin-produced track “If Jesus Was A Rockstar.” A song which is every bit sing-a-long infectious as pretty much as all Kim Petras bops are.

Most noticeably upon first listen. Unlike her usual electro-pop-styled songs, she switched to a guitar-driven sound on this occasion. Be assured, however. The accent of the music element of the song is still firmly in the pop direction. In her songs, we often find Kim musing about love, life and relationships. Sometimes she appears serious-minded. Whereas, at other times, she approaches subjects with a twist of humour. Never once did I see her engage with a topic as poignantly as she does so on “If Jesus Was A Rockstar.” Where she ponders upon religion and spirituality. Kim wonders if more people would embrace religion, if it embraced them, as she creates her own badass Jesus as a call for inclusion.

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As I’ve seen before. Religious themes in pop music can and most do evoke provocative responses. For example, the iconic Madonna track “Like A Prayer” first springs to mind. The song has become infamous because of the controversy it sparked. While Kim’s latest offering is not as full-on as the one that Madonna served. “If Jesus Was A Rockstar” does summon up the kind of imagery which might be considered inappropriate by those who have devout faith or are strict followers of the Christian church.

I also noticed. The song pans out a similar pattern as that of a quick-fire Q & A, session,

According to the song lyrics, Kim’s conclusion is…

“Maybe all I really need is something to believe. I need someone to teach me how to get on my knees”.

Undoubtedly by crossing a new frontier in her songwriting with this track her success as an international phenomenon seems assured.

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