Are you still haunted by the Baby Alice technicoloured pop track “Piña Colada Boy” of a decade ago? We will admit getting caught in a trap with the summer soaked song, it coloured up our life at the time, in a way that we declared it more fun than The Vengaboys. Fighting words shared by Raj, there, in support of the bordering on fromage track.

The trio has continued to put out their favoured euro-dance releases down the years. Even though, by and large, music listeners have stopped getting out of their heads on techno, so much. However, I feel the scenario of becoming snared, in the Baby Alice trap is happening over again. I was sent the trio’s latest effort “ICE CREAM” a few days ago. After first dismissing it as not being cool enough for EQ Music Blog, I’ve similarly done a U-turn on it. And, may I ask of you to please not judge me too much. 1) for being a self-confessed ice cream addict. 2) Becoming stuck on this chirpy song.

At first, “ICE CREAM” had me screaming out aloud, these lyrics are too much. Do people still write song lyrics like this in 2020? Well clearly if your Baby Alice, you do! Then I remembered what dance outfit Sofi Tucker have been up to lately. And Baby Alice’s, hyper-coloured, euphemism sprinkled summer anthem, fairs very well in comparison. Also, I’ve grown to like, the music bits of the track which sound as though, they’ve been inspired by the Harold Faltermeyer instrumental “Axel F.” At least, how Baby Alice pays homage to the theme from the 1984 film “Beverly Hills Cop” is less cringe-worthy than the dastardly annoying attempt made by novelty act Crazy Frog. (Who I hear is making a come-back – You have been warned!)

Oh!, the relief, the weekend is now, here and I can share this track. I know it is filth! Sitting on this party song waiting for Friday to arrive has been driving me stupid crazy all week. But it so felt like, a share it on Friday kind of song, to me. Sorry if I’ve now got you all worried about my taste in music, to keep things in check, I’m now off to give the new Kiesza album “Crave” a listen.

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