I fear that some of our blog readers might think I haven’t paid any attention to the inaugural edition of The American Song Contest held this year. In actuality, as the competition took place, I was preoccupied with taking a long-delayed vacation which was put off for over two years. I have now had the opportunity to glance over at what I missed in regards to the competition. After being prompted by friends of this blog to check out the Texas representative, pop singer and actor Grant Knoche. Like them, I have also begun to see the greater pop potential of this emerging artist, on-the-rise.

Therefore, I wanted to pick up with Grant on his post-contest release. The track named “Icarus” features production by Grant and is co-written with Alna Hofmeyr and Lily Hormel. First, I am astounded, since at placing fourth in the competition there is no evidence of record labels fighting over him. Although, am I equally as relieved to find out that for now at least he remains an independent artist.

With his song, “Icarus” Grant has cooked up a massive bop. Featuring the sounds of summer. This track is hot and catchy. And delivers Grant Knoche’s take on one of Greek mythology’s most famous tragedies. The tale of Icarus, a young man, who plummeted from the sky when the wax that fastened his wings to his body melted in the heat from the sun.

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Grant uses references from this story to declare his feelings when falling hard for someone.

“I wanna fly too close to the sun. I could die just thinking of us. Heaven isn’t high enough. So I’ll burn up in your touch.” He expresses in the lyrics.

Before his song “Icarus,” Grant Knoche was a virtual newcomer to me, that I barely knew nothing about. Since his stint on ASC, it seems as though things are continuing to shape up nicely for him. He does not disappoint with his new offering. I think it is well worth your listen.

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