Well, this is interesting. Introducing the third track lifted off of their upcoming sophomore album “Succession,” Avec Sans are entering into an atmospheric, sonic phase. But, not only this, they are continuing with making us aware they have been experimenting, by bringing in, differing textures and layers to their new music offerings. All three tracks they have released thus far, “Altitude,” “Slow Dance Down” and “I Will Be With You,” are notably different from each other. Through this progression, however, you won’t be able to lose sight it is Avec Sans you are listening to. Because Alice Fox’s lovely affecting vocals remain the one familiar anchor throughout.

Since the trio burst back with “Altitude” five months ago they have steadily pared back with the electronics. “Altitude” was a cacophony of rattling electronica, while “Slow Dance Down” offered up sleek, softer beats. “I Will Be With You” goes a step more minimal. Alice steps forward as both melody and vocals, Jack and Willow concentrate on producing evocative electronic chord structures that our feelings can similarly latch onto. A synth-pop lament that talks about looking to the light in every situation but knowing there is always at least one person to help you through the tough times as well.

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I Will Be With You” is the first Avec Sans track to give me goosebumps, but also as I listened to the track for the first time I noticed a calming effect descend upon me. I actually felt my mind completely switch off. The great unwind I’ve needed. Because as most of us will also have felt, our new normal lives are weighted with a certain amount of added heaviness. This little Avec Sans song has power beyond the simple electronic elements and sweet endearing vocals. I hope you will similarly find it soothes you, as it did me.

A little news update from Avec Sans HQ. The “Succession” album release is going ahead as planned for May 21st (Pre-order HERE.)

The exclusive launch show originally pencilled in for May 21st, at The Grace – London has been moved to Friday 26th November (Same venue) Tickets HERE.

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