Though talented pop duo Karmin are known for their infectious tunes laced with hip-hop flavor, the newly engaged couple are switching things up by releasing the disco-inspired “I Want It All” as the new single from their upcoming full length debut album, Pulses.

Following the synthpop/hip-hop hybrid lead single that was “Acapella“, the new single seems to showcase the duo finding a good balance for their eclectic mix of sounds. “I Want It All” quickly grabs the listeners attention with jazz-sounding production and a catchy “da da da” hook. Vocals soar on the chorus, “all I need is one more night with you, it’s amazing what one more night can do, I want it all“, while the duo pump some welcomed soul into the effort.

Karmin have been showing a range of talent. From “Brokenhearted” to “Hello“, the duo is all about changing it up, keeping fans guessing. “I Want It All” is a smooth, fun pop effort that screams radio airplay. The official second single could be the next hit they have been looking for. It comes off as an effortless mix of pop, disco, jazz and soul. Perfect for Top 40!