Evolved out of indie-pop beginnings, Young Kato are assuredly going in and mapping out a future, down an electronic suited route.

The band who have previously enjoyed success with a showing of frenetically charged tracks which amounted to their long playing debut “Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow”, last year. Step back into the spotlight newly embraced with an aura of vintage 80’s electronic pop seeping from their young fingers.

What is more, Young Kato are so shaking my tree right now with new cut “I Wanna Shake You Out Of It” because just as what goes around comes around… it sure does, in that these lads are stepping up with something inspired of a style that encapsulates a fair amount of the electronica which came to the fore a good half decade ago.

We’re talking about the kind of powering bands here, like The Whip, The Presets, and The Filthy Dukes. I’m so ready for a revival like I can’t tell you how much!

Mark me down for a copy of the EP “One.Two.Three.Four.” already, actually mark me down for five, its been way long since these ears felt so liberated and revived.