Hot new pop, on tap from New York, is not such a surprising commodity to be alerted to by any means. Such is the saturation of emerging new acts, surfacing on the regular, there are always rich pickings to actively discover.

Right now our concentration turns to aspiring new artist Dominique, who comes to our attention championing her fizzing self-produced alt-pop release “I Think I’m Fallin”.

Dominique is suited with magnetically esoteric piqued vocals, of the type which draw a powerful release of engagement through its left-of-centre view-finder of hooky electronic pop notation.

As this track leads in, it brings with it a rhythmic patter of generously sequenced, looped beats all whilst, Dominique alluring purrs out a hauntingly drawl vocal further adding a layer of enigmatic mystic upon the blossoming alternative derived creation.

However, it isn’t too long before these brooding bars of melody give way to come alive with an, oh so fluttery framework fully formed of twinkling synth shimmer and shine.

Soundwaves which are wholly reflective of the tracks lyrical theme, in tackling Dominique’s issues of self-doubt and confidence when making her art. Given that this is Dominique’s sophomore release, I consider it is already a very accomplished one and that she is giving good headway in raising pointers of creditable future pop credentials, all rolled into this dynamically captivating creation.