Glass Battles

Heartbreak pop songs don’t have to be all downbeat and introspective you know. I mean, however these emotively geared sound bytes of life learning are met to be shared with good intentions, sometimes it isn’t the done thing to be seen as wallowing in a dark emotional state.

A song born out of sadness can be flipped into a positive direction making it an empowering and motivational beacon of inspiration. The healing power of music is a beautiful thing!

This is true of L.A. based musician Glass Battles, who documents the effects of a relationship turning sour in his new track “I Hope You’re Happy”, and even though stung with the bittersweet anguish of heartache, turns tack to be revealed as the bigger man by genuinely wanting his ex-partner to find the happiness they deserve. An age old get out clause for many. A hard pill to swallow for the rejected. Even more so maybe, when it is expressed in all sincerity. Which is exactly the way in which Glass Battles deals it.

Serving as the second single off of the upcoming “Pillow Talk” EP, “I Hope You’re Happy” is practically transcendentally euphoric, lavished generously with upbeat synths which assist in elevating the ‘it’s for the best’ sentiment of the anthem.

Some might suggest the truth is best served cold. Equally it can be just as vengeful when it is carried out in the nicest of manners with driving synth-pop beat spurring it on.