I don’t tend to listen to many crooning pop balladeers these days. The reason is simple. There’s an unwritten belief if you want mainstream success, and you’re a guy, you should try to copy what Ed Sheeran or Gary Barlow do. It is a load of nonsense, of course. Nonetheless, I did experience fluttery feelings for the James TW track “Butterflies” and that Darin track “Holding Me More” last year. Maybe it’s time that I indulge with something similarly pop croony again. In the way of the latest Ryland James release, “I Give Everything.”

Canadian singer-songwriter Ryland has enjoyed incredible breakout success. Since emerging on the global stage in 2019, he has garnered two JUNO Awards nominations and racked up streaming stats exceeding 89 million. Impressive stuff when considering this has been achieved during a pandemic. I had to find out what makes Ryland James held with such special regard, by many, for myself.

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My first listen to “I Give Everything” was a mix between JP Saxe and JC Stewart accompanied by a dance beat; this is what I heard. Suffice to say, the track wasn’t as swoony, croony as I had first anticipated. When the groove kicked in, I enjoyed it more.

This song marks the start of a new era for Ryland’s sound. Since teamed with authentic and relatable lyrics. I can see no reason why future efforts from the singer-songwriter will not be similarly well-received. Ryland is not trying to be over-clever. What he does is sing well and write well. There is scope here regarding the musicality that suggests we will hear this flourish even more. He promises lots more releases this year. Ryland might make a stan of me yet. For now, he’s definitely got me curious and enjoying the pop sensibility on offer on “I Give Everything“.

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