I know people will start talking about this soon and will say, Mandy, do you realise you are sharing a lot of music coming out of Denmark lately? And they’d be right. I certainly have been doing so because the Danes seem to be catching up with their Scandinavian neighbours. During the past few months, the pop vibe coming out of Denmark has been strong. It is a new trend that shows no signs of slowing down because 25-year-old mags – an exciting newcomer from Copenhagen is ready to win over our listening ears with her latest exhilarating, offering “I can’t get over you.”

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Hot off of the release of her self-titled debut album last year, the Copenhagen residing singer-songwriter wastes no time in allowing the dust to settle. She’s been writing like crazy in lockdown. It is time to begin sharing the new fruits of her creative labours. I hope among these she has a new ace up her sleeve which is a match or better than my favourite track off of “mags” the album. The hugely, honest “your girlfriend’s in the bathroom, and I’m trying to kiss you.” She is off to a good start with bop worthy ditty “I can’t get over you.”

There are obvious similarities between Norway’s Dagny and mags songwriting strengths. When writing both, share from their life experiences. There is no colouring over the bumps they encounter, there is always an honest account of what has happened. And, the addition of an uplifting melody also plays a big, most pleasant part in this. “I can’t get over you” comes from the place, between moving on and at the same time still wanting to know where the other person is with everything. Probably the time when we are at our most vulnerable where relationships are concerned. She (mags) isn’t wearing rose-coloured spectacles. Revisiting this situation in the way of this new song is in itself, a kind of self-help therapy that she can also dance to. With this track, mags is delivering straight fire. Is she lining herself up as Denmark’s new IT girl? Certainly seems as though she is.

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