It would seem that the German glam-pop stars Cinema Bizarre have gone in for some mild treatment for their music pains and got a healthy dose of electro-pop from the doctor that is Space Cowboy.

Space Cowboy announced today on Twitter his new collaboration with the fab five called "I Came To Party" that you can listen to on the Cherry Tree Records website right here, right now.  The song is a bit of a departure in the usual rock-infused sounds of Cinema Bizarre

The band have also recently announced a new album called "We Are All Toyz" (out in August) and in listening to a few of the new tracks on MySpace, I could very well start to become a bigger fan.  Their last album "Final Attraction" was kinda good in that Evavensence sort of way but it wasn't something that I would listen to every day.  However new songs like "Sad Day (For Happiness)" really have me intrigued.  I definitely would love to listen to the new record as it seems Cinema Bizarre are going from strength-to-strength, slowly branching out of the European market and bringing their unique style to the masses in the states. 

It's also a opportune time for hair band revivals it would seem.  I mean have you seen the billboards in London for Steel Panther yet?  If hair bands are coming back – I'd rather they sound like Cinema Bizarre