By Jordan Meehan

I've said many times before that the type of electronica I usually prefer is hard, gritty and aggressive, but even I really enjoy a good piece of relaxing synthpop that is both soothing and simple; something I can listen to and completely unwind and lay back with my eyes closed. The new EP by Carnivals, entitled Humility is just the kind of synthpop I'm talking about.

This new 5 track release has a simple but still complex sound to it that really makes you appreciate the production that has gone into it. It is somewhat reminiscent of the music of Jean Michel Jarre with still reveling in it's own originality and is something you can easily relax to, which is a rare find in the age of generic dance pop music dominating the charts.

You'll definitely want to give this one a listen and add it to your collection, EQs!