Look who’s back and giving out a rainbow of pop wow’s and happy beats… It’s only the pretty fab Betty Who!

We can always rely upon Betty Who to lavish us with a dizzing fizz of frothy melody, more than enough to bubble up some renewed interest in her and awaken our fluffy side. Truth be known Ms Who has a way of managing to go quite all out and wear pop on her sleeve without out it curling up from being overdone and pumped out like a big fat ball of glutinous cheese.

There are so many ways in which Betty Who’s playful grasp of pop could have moved on grown but as she steps back into the public domain with her first new material since debut album “Take Me When You Go”, she’s coming at us with more illuminated with EDM direction in the mix than ever before. But, strike us down if we didn’t have to seriously examine every inch of Betty’s new bop “Human Touch” for nod in mentions to The Chainsmokers. We found no concrete evidence, but we’re not wholly convinced of some Chainsmoking input wafting its way into the bigger picture of this.

Betty is back and she’s quite infectiously put the bop back into pop. We really can’t ask more of her than just giving a teensy taste of what the new album, due early next year might offer up and we’re quite sure they’ll be plenty more new popfectious flavours to come.