There has been so much good music to write about lately that I didn’t get the chance to share what has become my almost weekly update of hot Danish pop with you, yet. To tell the truth, I’m still smitten in pop love with the album “Sycamore” by Drew Sycamore, but there’s more Danish pop excellence to enjoy coming from Aarhus residing, Daniel Joy who releases “How to Talk to Girls” on the indie label Apex One.

As hinted at by the song title alone, he’s prone to bouts of shyness, and as such also hasn’t got much in way of an artist profile as yet. Even by emerging artists standards, he’s more of a work in progress, really. Nevertheless, the track “How to Talk to Girls” has some lovely endearing qualities. While being a way of learning about him better. It also helps with drawing attention to his gentle but nice vocals and lovely grasp of musicality.

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On setting the record straight about where his music intentions lie, he says

“I write about being sad, then happy, then insecure, then good, then anxious, OK, then afraid, then lonely, fine, then drunk, heartbroken, then back to OK.”

He’s still not giving very much away, is he? May it’s best if I look at “How to Talk to Girls” a little closer, huh? Basically, the premise is this, the track has been written as a tribute to the shy guy. That, when faced with the situation of striking up a conversation after meeting with someone new, has a serious case of being nudged into fight-or-flight mode. Opening up and being vulnerable being the trigger, where the mind just kind of goes blank at the most crucial moments

“No one wants to be known as the shy and awkward friend sitting in the corner and I can think of a dozen times where a book for dummies or a tutorial video would have come in handy. I still donโ€™t know whatโ€™s going on – so hereโ€™s a song about it!” Daniel shares

Tip for Daniel, maybe don’t talk but sing instead, because the gentle and unassuming approach to music-making here teamed with mellow style vocals is certainly doing its trick and wooing me as a new fan.

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