K-pop songwriters YVR delivered their brilliant debut EP “Night Days” last year. They peeped up on my radar because of the release and with the single “Heartless.” Courtney Jenae and Stephen Stahl are very good songwriters with plenty of credits to their names, but I feel nothing compares with unleashing their work as unequivocally, their own. I was absolutely gripped by the duo’s electronic-pop crafting and had this to say about them ‘YVR is undoubtedly a duo with real clout.’ Upon checking out the new track “How Can You Tell” I am pleased to confirm that I still stand by this statement.

YVR is a duo who have a real and tangible understanding of what makes a pop song, great. They have a beautiful sense of musicality, lyricism and vocalising. It feels plausible to say, they can fashion a hook at a snap of a finger. In so much as their tracks are riddled, with delightfully, catchy refrains and melodies. “How Can You Tell” adheres to the band’s tried and tested formula of sonically, groove-laden electronica met with sweet and alluring vocals. The premise behind the track comes from a very raw and vulnerable place. It tells a story of how someone you love can identify your deepest feelings and insecurities almost better than you can yourself.

It is such a shame that YVR didn’t get their moment in the spotlight at SXSW this year. I know they would have shined out memorably. It does no good to keep reflecting upon, the what if’s, since the duo is building up to the release of their second EP, this summer. Going on their previous work and additionally with new the single “How Can You Tell” I am anticipating that it will be a splendid listen.

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