While I was taking some annual leave the other week, Alex Di Leo dropped his new track, “Homesick.” I have been anticipating the release of this track for some time, but inevitably due to COVID, release plans got pushed back. Earlier this year, more or less as the pandemic took hold, Alex unleashed the dreamy single “Youth.” A pointer that the singer-songwriter was flexing his artistry further by taking his music down a more indie-acoustic direction. A route he picks back up, on, similarly with “Homesick.”

Speaking on Instagram, Alex shared “I wrote this song while I was on tour last summer. It made me realize that sometimes, home, is a place you’re searching for within yourself.”

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As with any musician or performer, touring and playing live is paramount for Alex and usually, at this time he would be out on the road, bringing his brand of catchy, melodic pop to the masses. In 2020, far from being homesick, many of us are instead sick of being cooped up in our homes. When I took a look into the lyrics of this latest offering, from Alex. I noticed some of, what is said about, missing home, could also be applied to the experiences many of us have come up against, under the circumstances of COVID-19. “Still having trouble sleeping. Think I’m missing certain feelings, and I wish that I was dreaming.” These are words which speak, truth for lots of us.

Listening to “Homesick,” the rock star edge we first noticed when discovering him at SXSW, may have been softened out a bit. The musicality, however, remains strong. The chorus here, more than touches upon the anthemic. Music, which is timeless and relatable for fans, both new and old.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Alexdileomusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexanderDiLeo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alex_di_leo/

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