Whatever happened to Swedish singer-songwriter Andreas Moe? I wrote about him in 2012 as a promising pop concern. He moved away from the full-on pop style of the mainstream although, has continued to work in the electronic arena with Avicii, Tiesto and SEEB more often than not appearing as a collaborator. Consequently, solo offerings have seen Andreas push his singer-songwriter and acoustic-pop craft further. It is a shame I have not written about him in so long because initially, I was very excited about the track “Collecting Sunlight.” There is some good news, the lockdown has forced a new project off the ground. A new EP is earmarked for a spring release. The five-time Platinum-certified songwriter gives us a peek at what we might expect from the mini-album with his first release of 2021, “Holding On.”

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Releasing “Holding On” as the lead-single feels right. It is a song about hope and optimism. Even if you do not side with a religious faith specifically. These positive attributes are likeliest what many of us, have resorted to clinging on to during the past year.

“For me, “Holding On“; is a very hopeful song about trying to break free from the things we know are not good, for us. ‘That one of these days, I will burn every page and tell a story that is only, mine.’” Andreas explains.

The motivating and empowering message is not the only reason I wanted to write about this track. Although erring towards the acoustic guitar-led side, the pop vibe is solidified and made with conviction. It showcases Moe’s great vocal ability and all-round musicianship. On the emotive, strength alone “Holding On” places Andreas in the same league as James Morrison and Jason Mraz, but no, he does not sound particularly, similar to either of these melodic pop artists. He is content with being 100% Andreas Moe. To be honest, authenticity is the suit which best fits the Swede anyway.

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