Once again, Rina Sawayama dropped a new track last night. It is the title track of her upcoming sophomore album, “Hold The Girl” . Massive hysteria broke out in my living room when “Hold The Girl” got its first play. (Another, Radio One Future Sounds, “Hottest Record In The World” premiere with Clara Amfo). It is not embarrassing for me to admit my kids were not the noise makers. It was I who was acting up most excitable.

With this song Rina had me hooked right from the start. Listening to the track’s almost operatic opening gave me goosebumps immediately. I began to think I was being fed, yet was only to soon find out I was wrong in these early assumptions. What followed next as the track swung back and forth (first by embracing a garage music style and then delivering grand orchestral pop notes,) made me whoop much louder. The voluminous shriek of delight I gave out at this incredible track from Rina, left me gasping for air. When she later announced the album’s new release date moving to September 16th. (By coincidence my birthday). I then at once became passed out with this news.

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Explaining the track to Clara Amfo, Rina has said it is

“A song for anyone who is going through a hard time right now”. “Hold The Girl” is about “Connecting with your inner child. This is a concept where you just let yourself be a child. Sometimes you need to disconnect from being an adult, the responsibilities, and the pressures. As a child has curiosity, amazing wonder about the world and newness that you need to bring back.”

Later on in the interview, Rina also revealed the song “Hold the Girl” took 2 years in production and 17 rounds of mixing to reach this final edit. WOW! (Check the full interview here)

Already, I can hear “Hold The Girl” and Rina Sawayama going stratospheric. The blood, sweat, tears, and attention to the small details will reap the greatest rewards for Rina. Rina Sawayama is living her best life. And through the new clutch of dazzling songs released thus far, so am I.

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