This is our third encounter with Tiffany Garrett Sotomayor’s synth pop making alter-ego, known to us as That Girl With Dark Eyes.

We have expressed some interest in the singer / songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist, producer previously for her edgy synth pop crafting and have been made aware of the cut and thrust of TGWDE poignantly observed pop packages via an eclectic mix blurring, pummelling powerhouse electro-rock on our initial discovery, inked on “Burn The City” thrown out to a more demure new-wave presented offering on the most recent release “Lonely As A Wolf”.

As we prepare to bite into a third slice of the appetising electronic pie that has been brought before us, there is a note attached within our PR blurb that advises that this is where TGWDE changes up gear to unleash her funkateer within!

Attentively we listen as TGWDE now fashions some throwback affirming electrofunk goodness on “Hey Baby”, which might well back in the day have come out word up on the funk side of Cameo and Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam. In modern day circumstances though, it marries up nicely alongside the new crop of funky pop givers as in Penguin Prison, The Knocks, Meanwhile and dare we say even the dastardly daddies of it all in the current moment, namely the reigning funklordz themselves Chromeo, or either all that we’ve heard of the new La Roux colours in a worthy comparison also.

What is gathered in the most certain terms, is that the development in sound of That Girl With Dark Eyes has only served in going one step further in exposing TGWDE as a pop player with a superbly promising amount of far reaching potential.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Hey Baby” by That Girl With Dark Eyes