It’s a case of can’t stop, won’t stop for Swedish chanteuse Frida Sundemo, as in regard to new music offerings, they are literally flowing out of every direction and interestingly are all linked to either small screen, prime-time TV shows, or big screen feature films.

We could very well say Frida has become expediently sought after, since her debut EP “Indigo” snuck out a couple of years ago now.

As would be expected there is a certain amount of cinematic release with each of the three tracks “Keep An Eye On Me”, “You” and “Heroes”, the latter being the soundtrack to the upcoming movie “Kill Your Friends” which is based on the John Niven novel about the music industry and also lands Frida cast in a starring role fronting the band collective “The Lazies”.

There is something within the orchestration of “Heroes” which sounds just a lot like Christmas. I guess it has a sense of wonder and a build of expectation in its melody which is leading me onwards to think of it like this.

Even through the orchestral fanfare, there is no doubt who the star is of this track though. It is most definitely Frida, who joyously peels out an affirming refrain of “We can be heroes” in a nod to pop god David Bowie, maybe?

What is clear from the complete package is the overall sense which accentuates the theme of ‘living-the-dream’ and not for one minute giving up on the dream. Which is totally what makes this track so exhileratingly special.

Want to know something else really good? Frida’s debut album is coming out next year! Yes a whole album of sweet glistening melodies to pour down our ears, all coming in the New Years.