I think the only time I wrote about Daya on this blog was when she collaborated with the Chainsmokers on “Don’t Let Me Down.” That was, in fact, some time ago, huh? But, to this day still remains my outright favourite Chainsmokers track. It is probably an error on my part that I didn’t pick up with Daya again. Especially, because for the song, “Don’t Let Me Down” she bagged a GRAMMY® Award-winner for Best Dance Recording. To this day, her pop releases are still tremendously lush and gorgeous. This statement is true of Daya’s new song, “Her” also.

The arrival of “Her” is the second introduction we are getting to Daya’s “In Between Dreams” EP (out via Sandlo T/AWAL, September 16th.) Anticipating the EP release. This latest song is steeped in emotiveness and what I can describe as Foxes-like, silky disco-pop, found on Louisa’s (Foxes) last album, “The Kick.” In the first half of the track, “Her” and Daya give off soft and tender vibes. With added electronic boldness, the second part picks up the pace. This sees Daya add more dynamic to the song than using an obligatory key change on its own, could ever manage.

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“‘Her’ is pretty explicitly about being consumed by memories of a previous lover after a relationship ends,” Daya says.

From personal experience, she states, “Even when getting intimate with someone else. It’s in those moments that it’s been hardest for me to move on, and I really wanted the track to convey how paralyzing it can all feel in the moment, which is why the second half descends into what feels like some sort of a disorienting bad dream.”

Hearing about this song and listening to it subsequently. I have learned that I really should make the time to listen to Daya’s dreamy pop masterpieces going forward.

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