Didn’t FLETCHER just wrap up a tour? What of it. She’s just announced another batch of North American dates for October/November this year. These are the first of the headlining shows announced in support of the singer-songwriter’s upcoming debut album “Girl Of My Dreams.” (Album scheduled for release on 16th September). FLETCHER is rocking so hard right now. After many years of working her way up through the ranks, it is her time. How she shines on “Her Body Is Bible,” the first cut lifted from the soon-to-be-released album.

The singer and her label, Capitol Records, are leaving nothing to chance when pushing for more international success. On board is a stellar team of writers and producers. Jake Torrey, Phillip Plested, Malay and Sly. These industry heavyweights have helped clock up hits for Dua Lipa, Liam Payne, Lorde and Lennon Stellar. Is it any wonder then that FLETCHER’s new era opener makes a super-sized impression in both the earnest lyricism and catchy pop allure of the track. FLETCHER has amassed some dancy indie-pop bops to her name, “Her Body Is Bible” isn’t one of these per se.

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In line with current music trends, the melody soaks up some notable power-pop presence. However, I am more interested in the lyrics and how they introduce a softer side to the trailblazing queer artist. Where she spells out her love for another woman in bullet-pointed detail.

“I found god the moment that I put my lips on yours. I thought this is what they’re talking about.”

“Saw the light at 4 am we’re dancing in the dark. I like your T Swift t-shirt on the ground.”

FLETCHER sings with uber confidence.

The girls of the LGBTQ music community stepped up enormously in the past two years. In my mind, FLETCHER has experienced the biggest rise of anyone. That being said, I feel she’s on a skyrocket and making it big time is on course to happen as the debut album “Girl Of My Dreams” arrives.

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