I am always up for indulging, in new Scandinavian pop offerings. It isn’t like there is ever any shortage in supply of these immaculately turned out, releases, anyways. Mores to the point that I am confronted by too many choices of where to begin. Choices between, a relied upon old favourite or plump for something utterly new and emerging. Today I am opting for the latter. A new song from Peter StrandHeart on the Line” featuring the vocals of Oliver Sääv. Strand is an exciting new songwriter from Helsingborg Sweden, impressively coming up through the ranks since 2019. Oliver Sääv is an aspiring pop star and former contestant on Swedish Idol 2017.

Songwriter’s don’t often receive the recognition they deserve. After all, a song without lyrics is an instrumental. And as such its greatest use is to create an ambience. Lyrics, help build intricate stories and convey messages. Songwriting and songwriters are important. With “Heart on the Line” Peter Strand reflects upon the connection between vulnerability and love. How both interplays when a relationship irreparably veers off-track. Through his honest approach to songwriting, Peter evokes heart-wrenching feelings about unbalancing in relationships. When one partner shows more commitment and how because of it, the bond which was once shared irreparably breaks down.

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Vocalist on the track Oliver Sääv checks in with these emotions. There is fragility at times in his voice as well as tenderness and bittersweetness. At one time, he has experienced these feelings and it shows in his sensitive delivery of the lyrics at hand. “Heart on the Line” does more than touch upon emotions, it stirs them up and invites us into the headspace and experience the stuff which is going on in there. It is the mark of clever penmanship and thoughtful songwriting processes from Peter Strand. Expect to hear more of the exciting new songwriter Peter Strand. His gift of lyrical imagery is gaining ground.

Connect with Peter Strand
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mr.Peter.Strand/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PStrandkvist
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peterstrandmusic/

Connect with Oliver Sääv
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oliversaavofficial/