I found out about the new music by PG Roxette quite by coincidence. I was working on a blog feature at the time for the European pop duo Pachanta concerning their cover of the iconic Roxette track “It Must Have Been Love.” (Article here). Could you guess who appeared on my television the following morning by chance? Perched on the sofa of the BBC Breakfast programme, Per Gessle of Roxette was the interviewee that day. Per was visiting the Manchester studio to talk about “Pop-Up Dynamo!” the new album released under the PG Roxette name (out October 2022).

In a year of comebacks, how had I missed PG Roxette? Truthfully, I don’t know how the news escaped me. Nonetheless, from the moment I became aware of it, I did the decent thing and dived in for a listen. True to his comments in the interview, I discovered these tracks keep to the original Roxette aesthetic. Where, moreover, the 80s and 90s electronic-pop vibe is used. The PG Roxette, June 2022 debut of “The Loneliest Girl In The World,” inadvertently passed me by. And yet, I urge you to seek the track out, if you’ve not heard it. Since it encapsulates the special chemistry of the band, and where it sounds as though Roxette never went away.

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Due to my tardiness. I had hoped another single from “Pop-Up Dynamo!” would be forthcoming. Therefore, I am pleased “Headphones On” has become the next focus track. Since it combines a splash of pop with an unadulterated slice of the 80s. There is in fact two versions of the track. Two? This is because in the (Radio Edit). Per drops yet another iconic solo. Both edits are great. The one with the guitar solo, I love it. It absolutely pushes my buttons.

It is my opinion. Undeniably, “Pop-Up Dynamo” is an album that begs to be toured. I excitedly await the news of where and when this might happen…

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