Things are beginning to become interesting with Swedish band MY. The Stockholm outfit has issued a clutch of singles which for the most part have gone under the indie-pop banner. And what started out as a tiny sparkle of punk-pop attitude has gradually grown bigger and turned sassier.

The band have completely caught my attention with their buzzy new single “Hate On Myself“. This one goes down a more electronic pop route, so instantly it has an ingredient which is very appealing over and above the band’s previous efforts to date.

The song has powerful lyrics packed with references to self-loathing and ambitions to fit a glamorous stereotype. To be seen as cool and win around the hot guy. It’s deep but relatable to many youngsters growing up. Owing to the particularly effervescent nature of this blistering pop anthem, it fits right in with the young audience but, that’s not to say the forever young at heart can dip out of enjoying it too.

Find MY on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OHHEYMY
Twitter: @OHHEYMY