There is always a plentiful supply of pop music, yet if I might have a craving for something new and synth-pop, then it is a little bit harder to come by. However, just when I start thinking that I might have to resort to going on a trawl of some playlists for a fresh hit of new. The synth-pop band Tesla Boy pops up with a brand new offering that saves me from an endless cycle of scrolling, checking and listening. It was just as this precise scenario was playing out last week (although not for the first time). That Tesla Boy returned with a new song, “Hate“.

Owing to the blunt directness of the song title. I will admit to feeling somewhat tentative about the track. However, because of being familiar with the music of Tesla Boy, I pushed past this initial reaction since my overriding gut feeling was that the band always delivers. Furthermore, they dive into the 80s electronic-pop aesthetic with aplomb. It gives me the greatest pleasure to report that this is what I found on “Hate“. The kind of epic synth-pop that might be highly sought after for a movie soundtrack.

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About the track. I found out “Hate,” started out eight years ago. Although, consequently the track was shelved, at the time. Furthermore, Anton Sevidov of Tesla Boy did not revisit this song until last year. Thus, constructing it into a powerhouse of synth-pop epicness. The track thunders along gloriously. In contrast, this English-speaking release is particularly emotional in its lyrics.

I wish Tesla Boy’s music were as well known as the other controversial entrepreneur of the car of the same name, whom I won’t mention here. This is my only motive and why I chose to post about this Tesla Boy track. I want as many people as possible to enjoy “Hate” by bringing it to the attention of synth-pop lovers everywhere.

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