Paper Crows

By Mandy Rogers

Paper Crows have been creating a buzz for a good year and half now, and I for one have been completely suckered in by all their efforts to date.

Emma Panas and Duncan McDougall are the summation of perfect alternative pop alchemists in my opinion, their inextricable abilities to throw down textured layers of off-kilter pop sounds, paired largely with Emma’s gothic beautiful tones are a blissful rush of creative forces seamlessly finding a sound foundation to call their own.

Sheer delight falls upon hearing the news that the duo now inked to FFRR/Warner Records, have a formal digital release readied for May 7th, the “Build EP” and from it preview two tracks “Happier” and “Homebound”.

Diversity just seems to be the key in, on the otherworldly sounds capes that the Paper Crows produce.

First up on preview the epically proportionate “Happier”, which notability heralds male dominant leads from Duncan and John Newman, with Emma styling in a latin verse amongst the wobble of sub-base provided by Stapleton one half of on the rise base duo Major Look,  thus, stealthily grounding it as alternative, but definitely baying with Paper Crows most commercial value to date.


"Homebound” falls to cover the more familiar territory that I’ve come to associate the Paper Crows with, the rousing ballad, bound together in the delicate beauty of spellbinding vocals tempered with piano keys, before giving way to it’s sonic sub-base boom.